Today, the power has shifted toward the customer. Customers no longer rely on your salesperson to tell them which product is good. Thanks to digitisation, customers are better informed than your sales representative thanks to all the knowledge, reviews and comparisons available on the internet. For a company to stand out from the crowd in a competitive world, it is crucial to deliver an excellent customer experience. That is why investing in it is one of today’s most important business challenges.

What is Customer Experience?

It’s all about the ability to analyse and predict customers’ needs and expectations. Besides this, delivering a consistent, proactive experience towards your customers along the full customer journey is part of it as well. This includes all the different touchpoints or interactions with your organisation and its people and platforms.

Why should I be investing in Customer Experience?

A lot of the time, sceptical managers ask an important question: “Why should I be investing, when I can’t really measure the effect on my business?”. Studies from Forrester have shown that companies who claim to actively invest in Customer Experience, perform way better than companies who aren’t. Other research shows that a significant amount of companies that faced bankruptcy in the past two years weren’t investing enough.

But let’s not get carried away by research, let’s prove it ourselves! Onsophic CX helps you link your business KPIs such as profit, churn or revenue with your Customer Experience efforts. By measuring the Customer Satisfaction – using key metrics such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Experience Index (CXI) or Customer Satisfaction Score (C-SAT) –  Onsophic CX is able to benchmark your current experience. Then, by extending our dashboards with your business KPIs, we are able to measure the impact of all the improvement initiatives you undertake along the way.

So, how do I get started with Customer Experience?

It’s important to at least understand some terminology. By getting familiar with key deliverables such as personas, customer journeys and customer experience measurement, you will be able to get started within your organization in no time. You can learn more about this on our Customer Experience Management page!

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