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80% of time invested in training goes wasted.
Our technology focus on the 20% that works, automatically.

Performance overview

How are your teams, branches or individual team members progressing? Gain global insights into your organisation’s customer experience performance and take action where needed.

Initiatives Impact

Create and launch initiatives to improve the customer experience. Then, monitor the impact of your initiatives. Understand and showcase how you are driving change throughout the organisation.

Automated Learning Moments

Onsophic’s data-driven training engine guides your team-members when and where they personally need it the most. This leads to improved customer experiences along every human touchpoint in the customer journey.

Personalised Guidance

You will come a long way through the digitised distribution of your CX improvement initiatives, but it’s equally important to promote a social learning environment. Through Onsophic CX, coaches receive coaching suggestions based on their coachees’ areas for improvements and personal targets.

Case Study – Exceptional CX Across All Branches

A major financial institution wanted to become more customer-centric and provide a more unified customer experience across all its branch offices.

As part of these efforts, the financial institution wanted to roll out a new CRM system. This needed to be adopted as fast as possible by its ten thousand customer-facing employees.

Onsophic automatically guided individual employees with best practices helping them deliver better customer experiences. Onsophic also provided coaches with the tools to deliver coaching sessions that made real impact.

Find out more about our technology solution and its impact by reading this case study here.

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