We optimize e-training through data

Why Onsophic

Is your training effective ?
Do you know which courses are the most/least effective?
Do you know what parts of a course work and what parts don’t?
Do you have the data to prove what has been learned and what has not been learned?
Do you have a continuous improvement training environment?







what works

what doesn’t


learn faster

more effectively

more successfully

User Centric

more engagement


Onsophic offers an intuitive, data driven, online training platform that focuses on results.

Designed to engage individuals and teams in the learning experience and motivate them to get the most out of it.
Based on the latest learning research and best practices, the Onsophic system continuously tracks, measures and optimizes training content interactions.

Guidance delivered on a personalized, real-time basis which results in more effective and smarter learning, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Onsophic toolkit

Onsophic is much more than a content delivery tool. It offers you a complete learning platform that through its data driven architecture:
• enables your courses to be continuously tuned and improved
• provides ways to correlate training with your KPIs
• drives timely and effective communications with all stakeholders.

our team

Tom Pennings

Product and Sales

Tom is an entrepreneur who has co-founded several startups in both Europe and the US. He has over a decade of experience working on software engineering projects for companies such as Borland (U.S.), Google (U.S.) and EVS (Belgium). More recently Tom joined forces with the Google initiated PACO (Personalized Analytics COmpanion) project to build tools for correlating and analyzing data for personal science experiments in the fields of Quantified Self, Social and Behavioral Sciences. Along with broad technical expertise and a passion for people, Tom excels in business networking and thrives on change. With a razor-sharp focus on innovation and a family history in education, Tom’s hell-bent on leveraging the power of technology to enable better learning through data.

Ian Hart


Ian spent over five years at Apple as a Senior Director responsible for successfully rebuilding two US-wide groups in the Education division: Field Engineering and Professional Services. Prior to Apple, he was SVP of Product Operations, IT and HR at Personify, a pioneering Internet marketing analytics and personalization company. Earlier, Ian founded Class Corporation, a custom system development and training company serving clients such as Apple, Bank of America, Boeing, Chevron, and Wells Fargo Bank. A publicly held company (and one of the most visited sites on the Web at that time), acquired Class Corporation in 2000 and Ian became SVP of Engineering and Operations. Ian holds a BS Statistics from Cardiff University in Wales, UK.

Davy Van Deursen

Research and Development

Davy received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in computer science from Ghent University, Belgium in 2005 and 2009, respectively. In his PhD, he investigated format-independent media resource adaptation and delivery techniques. After his PhD, between 2009 and 2012, he worked as a post-doc at the Multimedia Lab research group, part of Ghent University – iMinds (Ghent, Belgium), focussing on media content adaptation, Semantic Web technologies, and standardization (mostly W3C). His main research interests and areas of publication are multimedia delivery, multimedia on the Web, multimedia semantics, reasoning on the Web, and linked data. In October 2012, he joined EVS Broadcast Equipment, where he worked as a software architect within the media division and their CTO team, focussing on long term architecture, with specific attention for metadata management, media streaming, and RESTful Web applications. Since May 2015, he works as CTO at Onsophic, exploring e-learning platforms and analytics.

Jeroen Abrahams

Development and Creative Design

Jeroen Abrahams holds a BS in Applied Computer Science (PXL) and joined the Onsophic team after a successful internship with the company in the spring of 2015. Aside from a impressive skill set in various programming languages, and his ability to acquire and own new tech in a short amount of time, he has also shown a talent for design – a key element of our product. His recent experience as a student adds an injection of fresh ideas and his enthusiasm for wanting to make a difference is a true asset.

“Onsophic provides the tools to see what works and what doesn’t.
For the first time, I can see precisely how students use my materials
to see what successful students have in common that distinguishes them from unsuccessful students.”

Philip B. Stark – Professor and Chair of Statistics – University of California, Berkeley

Onsophic delivers a solution that enables you to improve your corporate training. Send us your contact info to find out more!