Digital transformation: Essential! Opportunity?

While some market sectors are in the process of embracing technology, others are just beginning their digital transformation.

Catch-up time!

Where many business functions already heavily rely on computers and software to increase efficiency, other areas like manufacturing and logistics have some catching up to do.

Skill upgrade

Thanks to the rapid evolution of internet-enabled devices, such as mobile phones, wifi enabled appliances and IoT, it’s now possible to increasingly digitize these areas of the company. However, there is a challenge: all this new technology requires significant and widespread skill upgrades.

Training is instrumental in enabling major business change. The effectiveness and speed by which this happens will prove to be your competitive advantage.

Correlating workplace and training

While emerging technologies are the cause of much of the change, they are also part of the solution. All these connected devices provide a growing wealth of data that will help understand where training is needed, the skill gaps, and the true impact of such programs.

A dynamic connection can now be created by correlating information from the workplace with training data resulting in continuous, just-in-time training, no matter where your people are or however large your company is.


In summary, digital transformation is required for companies to remain competitive and training will be central to a successful transition. Data-driven training is the opportunity to make this happen rapidly and effectively and at scale.