Top managers on digital transformation at scale

“If we didn’t work together with Onsophic, our training would probably still be taking place today.

Trends, a leading business newspaper, interviewed Erik Luts, CIO of KBC, to see how a top manager operates to drive change within a large organization.

The KBC Group selected Onsophic’s online learning technology to help its staff learn new things faster. How exactly did they do that? 

According to Erik Luts, CIO of KBC: “We used Onsophic for training in the offices. Normally we would have needed forty people and two years to teach the staff in the offices to work with the omnichannel approach (the customer is central, it doesn’t matter whether the contact happens via an office, the website or another channel). This was not an option for us. Thanks to Onsophic, today, we only know six month trajectories. Instead of forty, just two to three people were needed with support from the Onsophic team for the development of the training.”

“We wanted to work in two steps. After six months the training had to have been developed, and after another six months everyone in the offices had to be trained. That can only be accomplished by digitizing. The training worked with simulations – real-life situations in a virtual environment provided by Onsophic. Those simulations became more and more complex as the training progressed. If we didn’t opt for this approach, the training would probably still be taking place.”

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