Onsophic featured in research report Forrester

Onsophic’s original technology that helps organisations boost the skills, talent, and outputs of their people by correlating learning moments with on-the-job performance has proven to be successful over the years. In the meantime, we have developed a new technology that further augments our original solution. 

Onsophic CX

Onsophic CX, as the product is called, accelerates employee performance by enabling real-time, personalised guidance for enterprise teams, improving customer retention, enabling customer advocacy and delivering consistent customer experiences. The new technology was publicly revealed at the Forrester CX Europe 2018 event in London but had already been used in several organisations, who have seen an increase in customer retention and word-of-mouth-leads.

Featured by Forrester

At that same Forrester CX event, our technology was mentioned by Maxie Schmidt, CX thought leader and Senior Analyst at Forrester. On stage, she talked about how Onsophic provides opportunities for deliberate practice thanks to the feedback loop on which Onsophic CX is based.

Forrester also included us in their report “Why paying for good CX is a bad idea”. In that report, focused on how CX pros can make every employee accountable for CX delivery without resorting to monetary incentives, Forrester states that Onsophic CX creates clarity on what success is and enables employees to achieve it.

Guiding organisations successfully and effectively

Our technology has proven to be of value for organisations. Let’s, for example, talk about what we’ve done at a global workforce solutions firm. 

At that organisation, Onsophic’s technology effectively increased the NPS score by systematically guiding every team member to become a CX expert. In our platform, key CX drivers could be identified which in turn were used to offer hyper-personalized micro-learnings to employees.  This increased customer-centric behavior ultimately resulted in reduced customer churn and increased sales. This was all done in a way that preserved the autonomy of employees while giving their work more purpose.

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