Onsophic announces Customer Experience product

London – November 13, 2018

Today, Onsophic – the world’s most data-driven learning technology – announced the launch of its Customer Experience Management product, Onsophic CX. Onsophic CX accelerates employee performance by enabling real-time, personalized guidance for enterprise teams, improving customer retention, enabling customer advocacy and delivering consistent customer experiences.

At the Forrester CX Europe 2018 event in London, Onsophic revealed that they will be expanding their business into the Customer Experience (CX) area.

Tom Pennings, founder and CEO, stated: “Customer Experience has become increasingly important as a competitive differentiator over the last few years.” Tom Pennings anticipates that Onsophic CX will help organizations reach unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction. 

“What makes us stand out is that you can actually take action on the insights you gather – and this is unique in the industry. This allows companies to take a more proactive approach towards delivering great customer experiences. Our early clients are already seeing an increase in customer retention and word-of-mouth leads – that’s real business value right there!”

“Onsophic CX can be used to augment our original solution which helps organizations boost the skills, talent and outputs of their people by correlating learning moments with on-the-job-performance,” says Ian Hart, founder and president of Onsophic. “I am thrilled that Onsophic will now be able to assist organizations all around the globe in making their teams more customer-centric than ever before.”

With offices in Belgium, Singapore and the United States, the company is now ready for the next milestone in their evolution.