Better learning through data


 The Learning Management & Intelligence System (LMIS)

A tightly integrated, collaborative, e-learning environment

Cloud (SaaS) Solutions for Learning and Teaching Optimization



Content consumption data is analyzed to determine cognition level, time-on-task, learning preferences, content effectiveness, etc.


Class participation levels and preferences are derived from analysis of all the different communications data - from video conferencing to Chat.


A combination of formative and summative assessment data is captured at the most detailed level e.g. scores, every question and answer, # of attempts

Progress & Performance

Progress and performance are derived from the synthesis of content consumption, participation and assessments - all analyzed and available in real-time.

Onsophic unlocks the value of your learning data to provide many and varied, actionable visualizations

  • "Companies, such as Onsophic Inc., are testing whether capturing on- and off-task behaviors can help them understand online learning through addressing such questions as: What patterns of interactions are associated with more learning?"

    "Enhancing Teaching and Learning Through Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics" : A U.S. Department of Education Issue Brief

  • "Onsophic provides the tools to see what works and what doesn't. For the first time, I can see precisely how students use my materials to see what successful students have in common that distinguishes them from unsuccessful students."

    Philip B. Stark | Professor and Chair of Statistics | University of California, Berkeley