Closing the Loop: Enabling change with CX & Learning Analytics

“The Egg of Columbus regarding Corporate Change”, that’s what some dare to call the idea of closed-loop learning. By combining customer feedback and observation data into actionable customer insights, Onsophic has made it possible to close the loop towards powerful learning moments.

From Feedback & Observation to Action

The first challenge in closing the loop between customer centricity and learning is to evolve from a periodic customer survey towards continuous customer feedback. But customer feedback only gets you so far. At Onsophic, we combine the continuous customer feedback with observational data.

Relevant data is gathered throughout the full production ecosystem of the organization, from text-analyzed e-mails to sentiment-analyzed calls and CRM production logs. By combining all this data, Onsophic is able to identify and share actionable insights with multiple levels of management within your organization.

Transforming Actionable Insights into Learning Moments

The next step is to use the identified insights and translate them into highly effective learning moments. Instead of engaging team members in long-term learning trajectories, the key to enabling change inside the organisations is to create new habits. An effective way to accomplish this is to use ‘Learning Nuggets’ or ‘Learning Moments’, also known as micro-learning. Short slices of learning activities, varying from a picture, short movie, a popup quiz or even a simple reminder mail, can trigger change at a large scale without requesting a lot of time from your team members.

Measuring True Learning Effectiveness, Closing the Loop

The final challenge is to link the learning effort spent to the improved customer satisfaction. Per Forrester Research, this has proved to lead to increased employee engagement and hence a more sustainable organization. At Onsophic, every learning activity is linked to a change driver. These drivers of change are in turn linked to the customer feedback and observation data, resulting in a closed loop between customer centricity and learning.

Never before has it been possible to see the true effect of investing in change and becoming more customer-centric through learning. Discover the real deal in our Onsophic dashboards – feel free to book your demo now!