Effective training? Use data analytics!

At the end of the day, most companies expect training to ‘just work’.

No more quizzes and surveys

Many business challenges require training, and successful completion is usually measured by quizzes and surveys. Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? After all, this is how education has rated comprehension for centuries. But how do we really know if employees use the trained knowledge in their job?

Towards Personalization

We’ve all seen the word ‘effectiveness’ used abundantly in EdTech marketing materials: does a mix of words like ‘performance’, ‘content curation’ and ‘personalization’ sound familiar?

Clearly, assessments and surveys aren’t enough to determine business impact, and guesses are almost certainly even worse! Besides, we all know your employees game those boring corporate assessments 😉

Luckily the corporate environment presents us with a unique opportunity to measure on-the-job performance – something the Education System will quite possibly never be able to accomplish.

With a data-driven strategy

In the past, any serious enterprise has evolved from driving their business using their marketing and sales ‘educated guesswork’ into a strategy enhanced by data. Clearly, other business units are next, and where better to focus than your main asset: your human potential.

Thanks to the increased adoption of technology in the workplace, it’s easier than ever to automatically collect data on-the-job. To truly build a performance-based learning strategy you should start leveraging data analytics today.