Onsophic CX – News Roundup

You’ve probably heard it by now: earlier this month, during Forrester CX Europe 2018, we announced our newest product – Onsophic CX. Now, just a few weeks later, we’ve been mentioned on several sources and social media channels – here’s an overview of what you need to know about Onsophic CX!

In The Press

Not really up to speed about Onsophic CX and what it can do for organizations? Let’s not do the talking ourselves for once, but check out this excerpt from technology blog Technologium (you can read the full article here http://en.technologium.be/onsophic-cx-multi-faceted-customer-experience-solution)

“Onsophic CX accelerates human performance by enabling real-time, personalized guidance for enterprise teams. This will ultimately lead to improved customer retention, greater customer advocacy, and consistent customer experiences.

What makes the company really stand out from other CX-focused solutions is that actions can easily be taken on the insights you gather as a company.

This means companies can be way more proactive with their approach towards delivering great customer experiences. This is something unique in an industry that already has a plethora of solutions on offer.” 

On Stage At CX Europe

After announcing the launch of Onsophic CX we were mentioned during the Forrester CX event by Maxie Schmidt – senior analyst at Forrester and Customer Experience thought leader. As a small company, we are of course very honored to be highlighted at such a renowned industry event.On stage, Maxie shared that Onsophic CX provides opportunities for deliberate practice, thanks to the feedback loop on which Onsophic CX is based. This loop can be used to track and improve performance. If you’d like to find out more about our feedback loop, you can contact us for more information.

Facebook Live

Furthermore, if you missed out on our short live announcement on Facebook, you can always check it out below. In the video our CEO, Tom Pennings, announces and explains Onsophic CX in a nutshell – and yes, it was his first time doing a Facebook Live!

In Forrester’s Report

Back to something more serious now – Onsophic also got mentioned in the “Why paying for good CX is a bad idea” report from Forrester (only accessible for members of Forrester). The report states that Onsophic CX creates clarity on what success is and enables employees to achieve it. At a global workforce solutions firm for example, Onsophic CX effectively increased the NPS score by systematically guiding every team member to become a CX expert. In the platform, key CX drivers could be identified which in turn were used to offer personalized micro learnings to employees. Ultimately, this increased customer-centric behavior resulted in reduced customer churn and increased sales.

As you can tell, there are busy and exciting times up ahead for Onsophic! Stay tuned to know all about it!

We are extremely excited to help organizations reach high levels of customer experience and early clients are already seeing a significant increase in customer retention and word-of-mouth leads! We are more than ready and eager to help shape the future of Customer Experience together! Do you want to reach unprecedented levels of customer experience as well? Don’t hesitate to contact us!